ATSIHAW has prompted many people in the community to think about the role the community can play in preventing HIV and caring for people living with HIV. Here are some great videos of people talking about HIV prevention and what ATSIHAW means to them.

Yoko Nakata – World Aids Day Promo

Kerry Williams – HIV Awareness Promo

Chris Tamwoy – World Aids Day Campaing

Sue Gibuma – World Aids day awreness

Richard Molar – World Aids Awareness day

Beverly Jacob – World Aids Day Campaign

ATSIHAW 2015 launch videos 2015:


A timely reminder from the CEO of CATSINaM, Janine Mohammed, about why we should all be mindful of HIV and the need for recognition of the community’s role in caring for people with HIV

Jessica Mitchell from ANTHYM, talks about the role young people can play in HIV prevention

Michelle Tobin talks about the personal and health challenges of living long-term with HIV

Jethro Romer, a sexual health worker from Rockhampton, talks about the need to counter the stigma and shame associated with talking about HIV

Dylan Croall from NACCHO talks about the role young people can play in peer education about safe sex