About this website

HIV rates are rising in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. We need to work together to get rates down – this means we need to educate ourselves about HIV, improve HIV testing rates, and end the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV.

ATSIHIV.org.au is the go-to resource on HIV for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and community services across Australia. It provides accessible information on HIV to help get our community up to speed on understanding the basics of HIV – on transmission, on safe sex and on safe injecting. It explains recent developments in HIV prevention and treatment, and the importance of fighting the shame and stigma associated with HIV and STIs.

The website is also intended to support health professionals and educators, with information on latest data on HIV among Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities, key research projects, and links to useful online resources.

The ATSIHIV website has been developed by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, with funding provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health.

Latest News

Make your own posters

Posters can be a powerful tool for sending clear and strong messages on HIV prevention. But it can be difficult to decide on the right combination of words and images to get the message across for a particular community. Is there a need to focus on testing? On using condoms? On safe injecting? On fighting stigma?

Here’s a tool for designing your own poster – it’s easy:

  • select the messages you want from our lists
  • add your own image and logo
  • follow the links to create downloadable files
  • presto, a poster you can print yourself!

Click here to start designing