Forty years after the first case of HIV was reported in the United States, stigma around HIV/AIDS continues to impact the community.

Now, a new campaign from NSW’s leading HIV organisation ACON and led by people living with HIV (PLHIV) is aiming to change the conversation.

The campaign, It’s Time to Think Positive About HIV, “seeks to highlight ways HIV stigma experienced by PLHIV can be addressed  through embracing positive behavioural and attitudinal change.”

The campaign features a video “that centres personal stories of people living with HIV and the HIV  negative allies in their lives.”

“The first in a series of community engagements we will be having on this issue, It’s Time to Think Positive About  HIV is ACON’s new campaign addressing HIV stigma, showcasing the very best of allyship between HIV-negative  people and people living with HIV,” ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill said.

“The campaign will add to efforts being made towards changing how we all see HIV, and how stigma can be  overcome and resolved through positive framing. Instead of demonstrating the harms of HIV stigma, this  evocative campaign shows how to best support people living with HIV with uplifting messages that bridge the  serodivide.”

According to Karl Johnson, Manager of ACON’s Gay Men’s Sexual Health Programs, the objective was to make the call to tackle stigma universal.


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