The basics on PrEP

The drug Truvada is usually taken by people with HIV to treat HIV.

It’s also possible for people who don’t have HIV to take Truvada pills to prevent HIV. This is called “PrEP”, which is short for pre-exposure prophylaxis – taking the pill before sex, or pre-exposure to the risk of getting HIV – find out more in this video:

Truvada can be purchased from chemists but only with a doctor’s prescription. Truvada has not been approved for use in Australia under the PBS and it is very expensive if bought at the chemist.

Some people buy Truvada, or generic versions of the drug, online. A doctor’s prescription is needed for online purchases.

If someone is interested in PrEP, they should talk to their doctor about whether it would be a good option for them. PrEP only works if the person takes their doctor’s advice about when to take it, and how long to stay on it.