ATSIHAW 2021 community events


Western Australia

U and me can stop HIV
December 9 from 1pm-4pm at Geraldton AMS Rifle Range Road, Rangeway WA 6530
Event Message: Increasing HIV awareness amongst GRAMS staff as well as supporting GRAMS to deliver HIV awareness in the clinic and community spaces
Contact Person:  Veronica Walshe

HIV awareness yarning circle
December 1 from 8:30am – 11am at MHS- 20 Scholl street, ROEBOURNE
Event Message: Building awareness and getting rid of shame
Contact Person:  Saska Smith

HIV School and Community Education Sessions
(various dates and times)
Displays and Education around HIV prevention, safe sex and consent messages
Contact Person: Jan-Marie Grantham

World AIDS Day BBQ Breakfast
December 1 starting at 7am at the Albany Town Square
Event Message: Regular STI checks, protective behaviours i.e. condom use and not sharing needles.
The event will be hosted in partnership between Southern Aboriginal Health Service and GS NCEP
Contact Person: Amy Kerr

U and me can stop HIV
ATSIHAW Merchandise will be used as opportunistic education with multiple groups – strong women’s group, PCYC, school education etc
Contact Person:  Rosie Jack


Cairns Needle Syringe Program
Its ok not to share
29 Nov to 6 Dec at 8 Aplin Street Cairns and various locations
Event Message: Its ok not to share your equipment, it’s not being selfish
Contact Person:  Shivone Hansen/ Carmelita Almain

Masig Primary Health Care Centre
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander HIV Awareness Week
November 30 at 11am
Health Promotion Visits/ Displays
Event Message: Raising awareness about safe sex and how to prevent HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections.
Contact Person:  Simon Naawi

Horn Island Primary Health
World AIDS Day & HIV awareness
December 3 from 10am-2pm at 29 Naawi St, Horn Island
Event Message: Prevention of HIV/AIDS, safe sex, education with youth about “what is HIV”, Working with people who have HIV/AIDS
Contact Person:  Sue Gibuma

Warraber Island Primary Health Care Centre      
World AIDS Day
December 3 at 9am-12pm at the Warraber Island Primary Health Care Centre
Event Message: Prevention of HIV/AIDS, safe sex, what is HIV/AIDS, Treatment of HIV/AIDS
Contact Person: Clara Tamu

York Island Primary Health Centre      
World AIDS Day & HIV Awareness
December 3 from 10am-2pm at the York Island Primary Health Centre
Event Message: Prevention of HIV/AIDS, safe sex, education with youth about “what is HIV”, Working with people who have HIV/AIDS
Contact Person: Flora Mosby

Coconut Island Primary Health Care Centre         
U and me can stop HIV
at Coconut Island Kiosk
Event Message: Its bad enough that people are dying of AIDS but no one should die of ignorance
Contact Person: Dalasa George

HIV Awareness Week
1st and 7th December at the Aurukun community health & Mapoon community health
Event Message: To share knowledge with community about what PEP and PrEP, if they know it exists; U=U; HIV is manageable chronic illness, to not feel shame and it is ok to talk about it.
Contact Person: Jemma Mckosker

Yam Island Primary Health      
World AIDS Day
December 3 from 10am-4pm at Yam Island IBIS store front
Event Message: Safe sex, education around HIV & AIDS – medication. To fight against HIV & AIDS and people with HIV & AIDS
Contact Person: Miller Aki

Cairns Sexual Health
WAD & HIV Awareness week
381 Sheridan street, CAIRNS NORTH
Contact Person: Rhondda Lewis

Girudala/ Herbert Street family health   
Let’s Come together
December 1 from 8am-9am at Unit 1/77 Herbert Street Bowen
Event Message: Together we can stop HIV
Contact Person: Leanne Prise

ATSICHS Brisbane     
Promotion in clinic
1st week in December at 55 Annerley Rd and all clinic sites
Event Message: HIV awareness among community and ways to support
Contact Person: Madison Clarey

Torres Cape Health Service
World AIDS Day
1st and 2nd Dec from 8am – 12pm at the Hopevale clinic waiting room
Event Message: Increase knowledge and awareness about HIV. Reduce stigma, shame
Contact Person: Tracy Harbour

Darnley Primary Health Centre
World AIDS Day Awareness
December 1 at the Gazebo outside waterfront IBIS store
Event Message: HIV prevention, get tested, HIV promotions
Contact Person: Cecilia Warusam

Mens & Womens Health, THURSDAY ISLAND
World AIDS Day BBQ
December 3 from 11am to 1:30pm at the IBIS store, Douglas Street Thursday Island
Event Message: HIV prevention, condom use, screening for STI’s, what is HIV?
Contact Person:  Sandra Gregson

Gurriny Yealamuck Health Service
World AIDS Day
Dcember 1 at Gurriny Clinic, Yarrabah
Contact Person: Katrina Connolly

South Australia

Picnic in the park
November 28, starting at 8am at Pinky Flat, Adelaide SA
Event Message: Ongoing HIV/AIDS awareness in invisible communities. HIV basic info, 40 years of HIV in Australia. 40 years of the red ribbon
Contact Person: Daniel Crocker-Jeffries

U and me can stop HIV
November 30 from 10am – 4pm at 220 South road, Mile End SA
Event Message: ATSI sex workers are a priority population in regard to HIV and other BBVS.
This ATSIHAW will focus on discrimination and lessening stigma through information sharing and peer education
Contact Person: Jodes McCauley

Nunkuwarrin Yunti
December 1 at Nunkuwarrin Yunti medical reception area
Event Message: Information and education re HIV/AIDS
Contact Person:  Jorge Carvajal

Nunkuwarrin Yunti
Contact Person:  Kim Pate
Event Message: U and me can stop HIV at Nunkuwarrin Yunti

Nunyara Aboriginal Health               
HIV Awareness Afternoon Tea
December 1/12/2021 starting at 2:30pm at the Nunyara Group Room
Event Message: We can stop HIV together, promotional talk and yarning about BBV’s
Contact Person:  Kate Warren

Tullawon Health
HIV Awareness
December 25 at Yalata Community, SA
Event Message: Stopping and preventing HIV
Contact Person:  Phil Caddy

Umoona Tjutagku Health Service  
U & Me can stop HIV
Event Message: Please get tested and practice safe sex
Contact Person:  Arlene Ackland

Pangula Mannamurna Aboriginal Corporation               
Keeping mob safe takes U and Me
November 30 to December 2 from 12:30pm at Pangula Mannamurna, 191 Commercial St West, Mount Gambier
Event Message: U=U
Contact Person:  Kellie Morello

Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service
U & Me can stop HIV
Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service, 19A Oxford Street, Port Lincoln SA
Event Message: Safe sexual practices, how HIV is transmitted, options for protection if potential to come int contact with someone who is HIV positive.
Contact Person:  Morgan Hirschausen


Njernda Aboriginal Corporation  
U and me can stop HIV
Various dates and times at 2/55 Mcmilan Road, Echuca 3564
To educate and raise community awareness surrounding the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS
Contact Person: Keith Hearn

You and me can stop HIV
December 1 from 2:00-1:30pm at 17 Sackville Street, Collingwood
If in lockdown we will give merchandise out as prizes and an incentive to attend the webinar
Event Message: Messages of support for the people living with HIV: we all have a part to play here. Understanding Treatment AS Prevention. Promotion of PrEP and condoms. What’s the risk of getting HIV at work? HIC chronic disease management
Contact Person:  Anne Roseman

U and me can stop HIV online community event
December 1
Raise awareness of testing and treatment around HIV
Contact Person: Kehan Dyce

Moogji Health              
December 7 at 11am
Event Message: Safe sex, regular health checks, infection control such as “Never Share Needles”
Contact Person: Melissa Pinnock

New South Wales

Albury Wodonga Health Service
ATSIHAW community stall
December 1 – 7 at the Albury Wodonga Health Service, 596 Smollett street, ALBURY NSW 2640
Event Message: HIV awareness, ATSI STI/HIV conversations, Syphilis
Contact Person: Helen Best

Harp Unit Murrumbidgee & SNSWLHD
November 29 – December 3
HARP Showbags will include U And Me Can Stop HIV resources, information on local sexual health and other support services, a copy of HIV & US Mob, a metal Red Ribbon.
Contact Person: Kevin Schamburg

Wagga Sexual Health
HIV Awareness day and WAD
November 25 – December 1 at Various locations
Event Message: Wagga Sexual Health are partnering with local organisations to raise awareness around HIV, contact Janine for more details. That ending HIV is a shared responsibility. It is possible if we all work together to reduce stigma and discrimination and raise awareness
Contact Person: Janine Sutton

Eurobodalla Community Health Service  
Health promotion visits/ display
December 1 from 8am-5pm
Event Message: Prevention, treatment and testing. Living well
Contact Person: Kaija Talviharju

SERH Bega         
U and me can stop HIV
November 23 to December 2 from 8:30am – 5pm at Bega community health reception area/foyer, 4 Virginia drive, BEGA
Event Message:Promoting HIV prevention/ testing/ treatment
Contact Person: Fiona Mckenna

Aboriginal Health SNSWLHD
Aunty Jeans ATSIHAW
December 1 at 234 Bourke St, Goulburn NSW 2580
Promote HIV prevention, testing and treatment in local services
Contact Person: Rick Shipp

BlaQ Aboriginal Corp, ACON & 414
1. Real Talk about HIV 2.Treat yourself 3.Connect with community
30th November 2021 from 1pm – 3pm at BlaQ office, NCIE precinct 180 George St, Redfern
Event message: Community care package, Service provider information. Promoting of online event happening later
Contact Person: Jinny Jane


Tasmanian Aboriginal Health Service
U and me can stop HIV at 56 Patrick street, Nipaluna, HOBART
Event Message: Encouraging health check-ups and providing health promotion re strategies to prevent HIV/ BBV/ STI and supports available
Contact Person:  Sara Maynard