New STI data for Queensland

New STI data for Queensland

New STI data from QLD for 2016 shows increases from 2015 in chlamydia (7%), gonorrhoea (31%) and syphilis (18%). This data is for the whole of the Queensland population – data specifically on diagnoses among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is yet to be released.

Some good news is a slight drop in HIV cases for 2016, down from 203 people in 2015 to 193 people – but this is still close to 4 people being diagnosed with HIV in Queensland a week. With PrEP rolling out and treatment as prevention continuing, hopefully HIV diagnoses will continue to drop in 2017.

For a full report, see…/chlamydia-and-gonorrhoea-ca…/8178730


Chlamydia, gonorrhoea on rise in Queensland as doctor warns of internet hook-ups

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